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Jenny Craig, LCSW, BCD

CEO and Founder

Jenny R. Craig, LCSW, BCD is a transformation specialist, utilizing her expertise in assisting leaders in creating authentic, profound, long-lasting impact in their organizations and personal lives. She is a confidential advisor and sounding board to top senior and emerging executives and leaders, CEOs, nonprofit leaders, diplomats, entrepreneurs, artists and visionaries, giving tools to unleash their potential and take quantum leaps to success. A dynamic and riveting speaker, Jenny has taught her life-changing training all over the world. She is a powerful influence in her field in psychology, having trained psychologists and coaches in 48 states on her techniques, has spoken at the United Nations, published three books and been part of two best sellers. As an innovator in brain-training tools, Jenny is the creator of the I am grateful for ring, numerous train-the-trainer programs and a six-week self-guided curriculum on emotional intelligence. Jenny is known for her unique ability to help leaders look within and move past self sabotage with practical tools leading people to quantum leaps in personal and professional success. Jenny is also the creator and force behind the Grateful Ring world wide peace movement. 
Jenny has appeared on WINK, CBS, FOX, PBS and the Lifetime Network, been named WE magazine’s 2014 Who’s Who Among Women, 2012 American Business Woman Association Neapolitan Woman of the Year, Gulfshore Business’s 40 under 40, the guru of interest in Gulfshore Life, Sapphire Award Inscape Publishing, IMPACT Leadership 21’s United Nations Academy, distinguished speaker on Emotional Intelligence at Hodges University and taught for an independent course at Columbia University School of International Public Affairs on EQ. Specialties: Transformational Specialist, EQ Expert, City Government team trainer Women's Empowerment, Keynote speaker, Mastermind Leader, Published Author, Global Leadership Development, CEO, Communication Specialist, Behavioral Consultant


Different from a canned training program, Jenny has a unique ability to access the individual strengths/challenges of each leader on the team. With this knowledge, she was able to create a group cohesion through the use of emotional intelligence tools, team building and communication exercises designed specifically for the make-up our team and distinct challenges that occur within city government. These powerful exercises opened up communication channels that helped us to create a decision guidance system allowing each of the different directors to leverage their unique strengths to assist others and further our City’s vision. Creating the decision guidance system has showed results of group cohesion, increased productivity, openness for growth and built in accountability measures to sustain the training. It has also helped reignite the power of purpose in each of our different departments. Rekindling the heart of each team member’s powerful purpose and learning how to honor it in one another has helped refuel and connect our team. It has led to great gains in our leaders which has brought about positivity to their staff and our citizens. I highly recommend Jenny’s powerful method to help in city government or your business.
Judson J. Rex, AICP City Manager City of Denison, Texas

Jenny is a brilliant forerunner in the field of emotional intelligence. Her uncanny
ability to translate the latest emotional intelligence research into practical tools and trainings are invaluable for companies to succeed in the global economy and
leaders to break through to their next level of success. Her knack for getting
teams to synergize and taking top level executives/entrepreneurs to their next level of
success is truly a priceless gift.

Gene Landrum, PhD, Founder of Chuck E. Cheese, professor emeritus, author of 21 books and tennis champion

I first engaged Jenny R Craig, LCSW, BCD to work with Texoma Council of Governments (TCOG) after viewing her emotional intelligence training webinar on I was blown away by how profound, but also how simple, her approach was and how accessible her training and tools were. At the time, I was an executive director in limbo hanging between the end of 5 years of intense organizational change/development and the beginning of whatever was next. TCOG needed a game plan for moving forward, and after watching Jenny’s webinar, I knew I wanted her to be part of the plan. As it turns out, hiring Jenny was the best decision I’ve made in my tenure as executive director at TCOG.
I spent six weeks in personal executive coaching sessions with Jenny, had her complete 360 evaluations on me and my executive team, and brought her to Texoma to conduct a leadership deep dive with my team and to simultaneously facilitate a vision planning session for the COG. It was an incredible 3 days of intense emotional (and practical) evaluation of individual team members and of the team as a whole. We established our leadership foundation which are now the characteristics and principles that define our team and our commitment to each other. We set a new vision for the COG.
Since the end of that planning session, the energy, momentum, and enthusiasm exhibited at every level of my organization is simply astounding. With our vision, every employee, every board member, every community supporter is laser-focused on one thing and one thing only: better leaders building better lives, and we are experiencing one success after another: new grants, new partnerships, new opportunities to showcase the organization and the work we do.
The difference between the TCOG vision development process and most other planning processes is in Jenny’s approach. She takes the time to ‘dig in’ and really get to know the executive director/ceo. She teaches the executive the process first by getting the executive grounded and prepared to move forward before engaging team members. She takes the time to know your team, making phone calls to supervisors, subordinates, spouses, family, friends, and other organizational stakeholders to get a bigger picture and a deeper understanding of the team, the employees, and the organization as a whole. Jenny is incredibly insightful, can easily ‘read’ people, and can quickly evaluate team members - their strengths, their weaknesses, their points of self-sabotage. These evaluations are immeasurably valuable, especially when a team is embarking upon a vision pursuit journey that will require complete engagement and commitment. It simply won’t work if there is baggage in the way; Jenny helps folks clear out the clutter so they can reach a higher purpose and a higher calling. Her process requires an implementation plan and a commitment to accountability moving forward with vision pursuit. Oftentimes visions are simply words printed on a poster that hangs in a lobby; there’s very little commitment to action and implementation. Jenny helps teams understand how to pursue a vision and achieve outcomes through increased awareness, better planning and entrenched accountability.
TCOG made an investment in our organization’s future when we hired Jenny, and the impact of her brilliance, guidance, and leadership on TCOG, my team, and me personally is still reverberating. I suspect it will continue to do so for the foreseeable future, as the foundation and vision we created together will drive our projects and programs for years and years to come. If you’re looking for a way to kick start your company and reach a higher level of excellence; if you’re looking to build new inspiration and new momentum among your employees; if you want to create and pursue a vision that will drive progress and propel your organization forward, Jenny Craig can help make all of that happen for you.

Susan B. Thomas, PhD | Executive Director | Texoma Council of Governments

Jenny’s emotional intelligence training is invaluable to any athlete and entrepreneur ready to break through to their next level. She often says, “Be careful of your thoughts, for your thoughts become your actions. Be careful of your actions, for they are what will determine the outcome of your athletic activity, relationships, business and life.” While most would agree, the majority of our game is won in our head long before we get on the court, there are not many who teach us how to control our minds. Not only has Jenny done all the schooling, done years of research and created a top emotional intelligence training, she is easy to understand, cares and pushes you to your game and business to the next level.

Catherine Garceau
Olympian - Author - Speaker

Jenny’s genius in emotional intelligence is taking complex issues and breaking
them into practical, step by step tools to help executives, entrepreneurs and athletes learn to
become positive, success based thinkers. As everything starts with thoughts, what
could be more valuable? Her brilliance in creating cooperative intelligence and increasing soft skills is invaluable with her six week guided curriculum and personal leadership coaching. I also want to add her invention of the “I am grateful for...” ring has been ingenious with to help with focus and a positive mindset.

Ron Klein, Senior Olympian, Inventor of the Magnetic Credit Card Strip-Validity
Checking System, Developer of MLS, Voice Response and the Bond Quotation for NYSE.

I wanted to take this opportunity to personally thank you in the development of an intriguing and engaging team development program. As a relatively young and fast-growing company, we have the privilege of a skilled, driven, team. However, success comes from those talented individual learning to effectively interact, and further understand our customer’s needs. At quite short notice, Insite Strategist CEO Jenny R Craig, LCSW, BCD assembled an outstanding interactive program, anchored by EQ tools which helped foster improved teamwork, yet in a fun and interactive fashion.
The commitment to listening to the particular needs of our company, and influencing the program to focus on these goals, was instrumental in making it a success. Any team-based development program runs the risk of being seen to be self-serving, or even preaching. That this one both met its goals we set, and was enjoyed immensely by the whole team, was to be commended. 
We have well seasoned members of our group, who have been exposed to this kind of activity: when they volunteer it as ‘˜the best ever’, and ‘˜outstanding’, we know we hit the mark!

Alex Brisbourne 
President/COO KORE Telematics

Working with Jenny has been a bit like being a firework shot out of a cannon. Immediate, vibrant, surprising and abundant results have occurred from utilizing the skills she teaches in her simple, yet life changing leadership tools.
When I met Jenny, I was specifically looking for someone to help me move to a much higher place. Jenny’s intuitive and straight forward nature combined with the scientific support was just what I needed. I have been able to achieve incredible results in business, personal, and spiritual including $650,000.00 worth of business.

CEO Abbie, JW Sladick, CGR, CAPS

No company can do without Jenny Craig. Not to be cliche, but my ROI with Jenny has been priceless. If I would have just contacted her first, I would have saved tons of time and money on seminars, coaches, and books that never got to the root of my problem. Within minutes she was able to pin point exactly what has been holding me back from reaching my goals. Not only was she able to find the root of the issue, she provided me with the tools to address my issue and move forward. By working with Jenny I have finally broke through what was holding me back and have exceeded my own expectations of success.

Carrie Kerskie, CITRMS, LPI
CEO, Hodges University

This has been one of the most challenging recommendations I have ever had to write, as putting into words what Jenny R Craig, LCSW, BCD does and how she provides considerable value is almost impossible - but here goes: 
I have found Jenny to be an amazingly perceptive person with a unique set of qualities that helps bring out the best in others. She provides and energy level and enthusiasm that is contagious and can provide so many eye opening and mind bending examples of how our emotions - positive and negative - and our body language - shape our everyday experiences and our interpersonal relationships among peers, superiors, subordinates and even friends and family. Learning techniques that helps one overcome personal fear of failure and arming clients with tools and practices that allow you to overcome obstacles in a productive way has helped me and my peers who have been working with Jenny. Having the opportunity to work with Jenny has opened my mind and my heart to many new things - goals and aspirations I never even knew I had - and has profoundly changed me in a way that has improved my overall mental and physical health, athleticism and well-being. I look forward to every conversation and interaction with Jenny as I am always getting a fresh take-away that can help me in my day-to-day as an employee, husband, father and son. I highly recommend Jenny R Craig.
 Stein Soelberg, martial artist, Director of International Marketing

Thank-you Jenny for the HUGE positive influence that you have made to our business leaders here in Jamaica. Your time, energy and positive tools have made a powerful impact and continue to live on long past your seminar. We look forward to your return and send you many blessings!

Lola Chin Sang
Power and Vision, Inc.

Since Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is one of the hottest commodities in this day and age, anyone desiring growth and change needs to fully understand the benefits it can have on your personnel as well as your bottom line. Having worked with Jenny Craig for over 3 years, I can honestly say that she is by far the most knowledgeable, personable, creative and effective change agent I have ever met. She will challenge you, stretch you and help you reach your full potential - personally and professionally. Her positive attitude is contagious and her understanding of the human brain is amazing. Her coaching has challenged me to expand my dreams and visions and I am learning to be an agent for change. In a nut shell, I want to be like Jenny when I grow up.

Sherry Grote 
Marketing Manager

I wish there were words to demonstrate the power of Jenny’s keynote address at our International Conference. After spending one hour sharing the tools and techniques to harness the power of positive change, I had people from all over the world thanking me for helping to set up such a life-changing session. Jenny’s training is positive, practical, powerful and transformative.
Eddie Lee 
Florida Governor 
Kiwanis International

Jenny is incredibly skilled in the realm of psychology and neurology. She has the unique ability to use that knowledge to provide specific training in understandable terms which can enlighten your business and personal life. Jenny’s energetic, forward-thinking, direct coaching was integral in a major personal breakthrough which has strongly improved my business and personal relationships. If you are looking for REAL change and are willing use the tools she provides, Jenny can help you make your personal life more powerful and your business increasingly successful!
Jessica Macera
CEO Business Dynamix Jenny helped me take my business from domestic to international by helping me uncover the internal blocks that were holding me and my business back. She was quickly able to find the root of the blocks within me and my organization and provide me the tools to not only help me move my business to the international level, but completely change my life. Not only has my business taken a expanded and grown, my life has as well. I now experience joy in each day and cannot thank Insite Strategist and Jenny enough.

CEO Elizabeth Stone Feldman


  • Kathy, LMHP, CPC
    Jenny is one of the best speakers I have heard. I’ve used several of her suggestions already - I love it. It is just the jump start I needed in helping my clients.
    Kathy, LMHP, CPC
  • Barbara Bush, LMSW
    Marvelous trainer! Jenny is very practical and provided applicable, realistic tools throughout the day. Not only was she inspiring and refreshing, the “value for the buck” is tremendous! Her speaking skills are so engaging as she presents with sense of humanness, empowerment and inspiration so insightful and uplifting, I did not want the day to end.
    Barbara Bush, LMSW
    Chicago, IL
  • Lee Martin, M.A.,L.P.C.
    I attended Jenny Craig’s seminar in Tulsa recently. I thoroughly enjoyed it and have been using many of her techniques with my clients- both children and adults. It's amazing how something as simple as deciding to change your pathway of thought to the positive as opposed to the "more traveled" path makes a huge difference, even in adults who have terrible abuse issues. I have also been using Jenny’s awareness tools with amazing results to reinforce new pathways with all my clients. Thanks again for all of your insights.
    Lee Martin, M.A.,L.P.C.
  • Erik Kerr, Vice President
    Jenny was invaluable! She knows how to guide you past the psychological landmines so that you can focus on what matters most.
    Erik Kerr, Vice President
    Premier Mentoring
  • Robin Bright, PhD
    Jenny is one of the most dynamic and energetic speakers I have ever heard and I have been to many seminars/trainings. Informative, concise, stimulating. I walked away with how to change my life, my bad habits, and my business. Jenny’s training and consultation are priceless!
    Robin Bright, PhD
  • Amber Brooks, PhD
    Jenny’s seminar provided the answers I needed to understand how our thoughts can change our life. I left feeling wonderful about myself and my work. Her energy and enthusiasm kept my attention for a full six hour training!
    Amber Brooks, PhD
    New York, New York
  • Victoria Wage, PhD
    I walked into Jenny’s seminar depressed and tired. I left Jenny’s seminar inspired, energized and uncovering the insight that I Am... Brilliant and I Make a Difference to the world. Her insightful tools are making quite an impact on others. Heartfelt Thanks!
    Victoria Wage, PhD
    Oahu, HI
  • Colleen White, PhD
    EQ is such an important topic for EVERYONE to learn about. Jenny was wonderful explaining this topic why it is important and how it will change your life and others in it! No business can afford to miss this training.
    Colleen White, PhD
  • Dennis Galloway
    Ms. Craig presents the concepts of Emotional Intelligence with positive energy, humor, a high degree of knowledge and compassion. She is a very vibrant speaker.
    Dennis Galloway
    Medford, OR
  • Chelsea Brandenburg, MED
    Jenny uses great examples, personal experiences and practical tools to share the information of how to boost emotional intelligence. The research and tips are very appreciated as well as the visual/tactile tools used in the workshop are very helpful for retaining the information and knowing how to share it with anyone looking to become more successful.
    Chelsea Brandenburg, MED
    Euguene, OR
  • Derenda Schubert, Phd Clinical Psychology
    Ms. Craig is an inspiring speaker. She has great information that is practical and scientifically based to help others train their brain for success.
    Derenda Schubert, Phd Clinical Psychology
    Portland, OR
  • Allison Middlebrook – Social Services
    Jenny’s enthusiasm and knowledge are contagious. I left with many “tools” to use while working with my students. I can’t wait for the school year to start!!
    Allison Middlebrook – Social Services
    Rhome, TX
  • Mart T. Copeland, ACSW
    Very engaging and entertaining speaker with very informative and current data for working with today’s youth in this technologically changing environment.
    Mart T. Copeland, ACSW
    Santa Monica, CA
  • Leah Clark, LLBSW
    Jennifer is insightful and energetic. She was informative by sharing issues from everyday life. One of the best speakers I’ve heard.
    Leah Clark, LLBSW
  • Cindy Tepaiski, LCPC
    Jenny’s presentation was fast paced, jam packed with helpful ideas, and realistic as well as fun! Her emotional intelligence shines through in her presentations. As she is so dynamic, I now understand how is can help businesses, individuals and even children become more success.
    Cindy Tepaiski, LCPC
  • Jami Johnson, LCSW
    I really enjoyed the seminar and all of the examples. I can use a lot of this material with the kids and the adults, along with my own life. I was so impressed I called my husband and he is attending the seminar tomorrow. I plan on having all my staff attend the next seminar for themselves and to help in our mission of helping children.
    Jami Johnson, LCSW
    Tampa, FL
  • Jinger Moore
    This is a program every business and school in America should have!
    Jinger Moore
    High school counselor
  • Patricia J Cox, RN, LCSW, RHD
    Very Knowledgeable, passionate about the subject. Gives great examples to make her point. Genuine – Gives practical tools.
    Patricia J Cox, RN, LCSW, RHD
  • Tim, PhD
    This was the most interesting seminar I’ve attended this year. Ms Craig’s passion is very appreciated. Unbelievable!
    Tim, PhD
    Little Rock
  • Mallinda S. Lumsden, LBSW
    Very brilliant speaker and full of knowledge. Great presenter and stays on task.
    Mallinda S. Lumsden, LBSW
  • Jason Sloan, LLP
    Jenny provided real life examples and experimental actives to keep our attention and foster our integrative understanding and motive.
    Jason Sloan, LLP
  • Susan, LFMT
    Energetic and strong speaker, Passionate about her work, Genuine, great examples, very animated!
    Susan, LFMT
  • Nicki Stiemsma MA, LLPC
    Jennifer was excellent. She was very knowledgeable on topics presented. Jennifer was a great speaker-the day flew by!
    Nicki Stiemsma MA, LLPC
  • Bernie Kazyok
    Presents in a clear, easy to understand manner.
    Bernie Kazyok
  • Mike Beery, LSW
    Knows her subject matter, Energetic, fun.
    Mike Beery, LSW
  • Pat Veaclo, PhD
    Assertive, Interesting, Informative!
    Pat Veaclo, PhD
  • Jamie Ritach, LMSW
    Excellent! I love going to seminars that I can take hands on actives to use right away! Great use of personal stories.
    Jamie Ritach, LMSW
  • Pam Lard, LMSW
    Very High energy, engaging and knowledgeable. She really kept my attention.
    Pam Lard, LMSW
  • Courtney Cinglie, LMSW CAAC
    Truly the best seminar I have been to. Lots of great and useful references and ideas.
    Courtney Cinglie, LMSW CAAC
  • Jamie Fafleur, MA LPC
    Love your sense of humor! Very useful ideas, resources, books, etc. Thank you!
    Jamie Fafleur, MA LPC
  • Margaret Neal
    I love the presentation, ideas, examples, etc. Didn’t get bored as happens from time to time in these workshops. Thank you for the games!
    Margaret Neal
  • Kelly Johnson
    This day went so fast! I will be disappointed when it ends because I enjoyed the presentation. The personal stories/examples made the material “click”. Jenny has a great speaking voice and gave off a ton of infectious energy!!
    Kelly Johnson
  • Travis Fultz
    Jennifer was great. Her confidence is infectious and a breathe of fresh air.
    Travis Fultz
  • Heather Caraceio
    I really enjoyed Jenny’s seminar. She knows what she is teaching, and makes it fun to learn. She is passionate on the subject and enjoys sharing her knowledge with others.
    Heather Caraceio
  • Jen Kuhle, PhD
    Jenny made the presentation very interesting and was able to capture the attention of the group for the duration of the seminar.
    Jen Kuhle, PhD
  • Jill Stone, LCSW
    Great presentation – engaging presentation. Good content presented in a useful humorous way.
    Jill Stone, LCSW
  • Ladi Cunningham, LMFT
    Good presenting, wonderful sense of humor. Good content and useful.
    Ladi Cunningham, LMFT
  • Perry Sidenkraz, LCSW
    I love the constant use of humor in the presentation; I never got bored or lost interest. Your energy is contagious!
    Perry Sidenkraz, LCSW
  • Julie Bles, LCSW
    Great presentation! Jenny has a great delivery style!
    Julie Bles, LCSW
  • Tom Pasone PhD
    All the information you talked about today is so true. If only teachers and principals would understand and use this information. Students and children’s lives would be a little easier to cope with. Good job!
    Tom Pasone PhD
  • Angela Nelson
    Keeps you interested/ high energy, never boring!
    Angela Nelson
  • Katherine, PhD
    Good use of examples and internet research sites. Great presenter, lots of energy in presentation.
    Katherine, PhD
    Greensboro, NC
  • John LCSW
    Jennifer kept my attention and kept things interesting with her speaking style but gave very relevant information that I found most helpful.
    John LCSW
    Atlanta, GA
  • Sally, PhD
    Thank you for your gifts of speaking, connection and empathy! I’ll think of you when I use these tools!
    Sally, PhD
    Sottsdale, AZ
  • Tom, LCSW
    Jennifer was very prepared. It was obvious that she knew her stuff. She was very upbeat!
    Tom, LCSW
    Los Angeles, CA
  • Molly PhD
    Jenny Craig is refreshing in her teaching and strategies used to reach and treat children and adults with emotional and behavioral problems.
    Molly PhD
    Dallas, TX
  • Carrie, LCSW, BCD
    I really enjoyed this seminar. This is the first seminar that I didn’t distract and multi-task. You definitely have a passion, energy and genuine about you. Thank you!
    Carrie, LCSW, BCD
    New York
  • Kea, MSW
    I am brilliant! Thank-you Jenny for teaching me how to uncover and be aware of my power and gifts.
    Kea, MSW
    Honolulu, HI