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The Leadership Deep Dive is an exclusive program that reveals practical tools for leaders to tap into their unique leadership potential and take quantum leaps in their success.

Crafted, tested and taught from the latest psychological, neurological and change management research, this sought after program provides top level executives/entrepreneurs an opportunity to increase self-awareness and emotional intelligence, decrease self-sabotage and stress, and enhance your ability to create significant, meaningful, and positive changes in your life, your business, your community, and the world. The Leadership Deep Dive uniquely tested process assist leaders in creating a synthesized culture through a collectively built foundational structure able to be uniquely actioned by every leader throughout the company.

The Training Goal

Create a synthesized culture through a collectively built foundational structure able to be uniquely actioned by every leader throughout the company.


The Philosophy

Any successful change begins within the hearts and minds of the individual leaders of a company

This training begins by providing a step by step process from the science of change on how to create and sustain long term individual habits through neuroplasticity and boosting emotional intelligence. As leaders learn practical tools for positive change and how to manage the natural resistance of change within themselves and others, they are able to lead from a more effective, strategic and inspired place. The leaders are then able to collectively build foundational pillars which will become the company’s decision guidance system to strengthen connection and internal and external communication. As the decision guidance system is modeled throughout the company, each employee is given the tools to achieve their maximum potential in alignment with the highest good for the company creating a culture of group cohesion, openness, creativity and productivity. Sustainability of the collaboratively created cultural meme is supported through individual and collective accountability measures and reinforcement techniques.

The Process


Executive Leader Assessment

The leader assessment includes an individualized deep dive into the leader the organization. These calls are critical for evaluating the leader’s vision and expectations for the training process. More importantly, the calls help the leader determine the various factors affecting intra-organizational communication and cooperation and discern if those factors are facilitating or hindering the leadership objectives.


360° Assessments

Individualized 360 degree assessments where trained behaviorist and emotional intelligence expert Jenny R Craig, LCSW, BCD will interview a cross section of individuals in the leader’s life to uncover leadership blind spots and unconscious sabotaging behaviors that are holding the leader and/or the team back from taking a quantum leap into real success. To get there requires change, and change evolves authentically from the inside out.

Through this deep dive, we will create an individualized plan designed specifically for your unique leadership style, and you will receive tools, methodology and support for taking your performance to the next level and sustaining the changes.

Facilitated Group Training Sessions

The Results

Leaders will leave this deep dive:

You will receive personalized Emotional Intelligence Tools to conquer self-sabotage and to better manage elevated levels of stress and operate from a more effective, sustainable, strategic, and inspired place
After the dive you will be ready to make long term changes; not just a short term fixes. This deep dive will offer you ways to sustain and maintain your progress through the use of all your senses. Customized physical, psychological and emotional intelligence techniques will be created for you to maintain your progress in all environments and implement success techniques throughout your company.
You are the sum of the five people you hang out with the most. We recognize leaders need a vulnerable, open space with other strong leaders who are empathetic and supportive. As such, after the deep dive intensive, you will be part of confidential mastermind group where top level leaders empower one another with their different strengths, insights and networks to promote your ongoing success for the next six months. You will also have access to powerful guest speakers once a month that have already had game changing success. Speakers are leading CEO’s, Olympic athletes, top inventors, best-selling authors, and other inspirational leaders.
The Insite Strategist™ Leadership Deep Dive creates power partners and check points to meet goals and promote action in each other. Passionate actions are contagious. As one person in the group takes action to reach their success, their partner is inspired to act and move forward as well. Plans are inert and useless without sufficient POWER to translate them into ACTION. In the process of change, many of us spend countless hours planning our greatest success. As we begin to implement our plan, we all make mistakes, fail to meet goals, get distracted or end up frustrated. Your accountability partner will help you stay, positive, focused, and motivated, and he/she will work with you to maintain and sustain your progress.
Well Coached
You will receive confidential one-on-one monthly assessments and coaching with emotional intelligence guru Jenny R Craig, LCSW, BCD. Jenny will help you pinpoint your psychological roadblocks and learn the tools to move through any self-sabotage. These personal coaching sessions are key to maintaining your next level of success and increasing your internal and external wealth.

Typical Interactive Exercises include:

Vision and foundation building. If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there. Through interactive sessions, the participants will build an ACTIONABLE vision with six foundational pillars. The foundational pillars become a decision guidance system strengthening connection and communication throughout the company.
Accountability measures to create a cultural meme and sustain long term success.

Meet Jenny

Called the CEO’s best kept secret, coach Jenny is known internationally for her ability to quickly get to the root of the issue while providing practical tools for change. She is an:

  • International coach
  • Author of 3 books and been part of two best sellers
  • Creator of the Live your Power™ Alliance, the Live your Power™ Success Program and the I am grateful for...™ ring.
  • Has appeared on WINK, CBS, FOX, PBS and the Lifetime Network and been named the 2012 American Business Woman Association Neapolitan Woman of the Year, Gulfshore Business’s 40 under 40, the guru of interest in Gulfshore Life and has received the Sapphire Award from Inscape Publishing.
  • Helped thousands get to their next level of success

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Change evolves authentically from the inside out. Uncover an individualized program to learn tools, methodology and support for taking your success to the next level.

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